2nd Skip…the raw footage!

April 26, 2007

Thanks Skipper Joe for your skillful documentary! Make sure to visit Joe’s Journal for wisdom, insights and sound business building advice!

Skippers Dee Dee, Amy, Joe and Mary…skip along 101. One of the highlights not shown on the video was Skipper Amy recruiting — actually converting joggers into skippers along the way.

Way to go Amy, we Skip Salute you!


Inaugural Skip a Huge Success

April 17, 2007

Good friends and fellow skippers,

Today’s Inaugural skip was a huge success! 4 other skippers showed up, so we totaled 5! Everyone had a blast! Amy and I created many new skipping techniques, like the “Ghetto Skip”, the “Ski Skip”, the “Low Skip” and the “High Skip.” Tanya brought her dog Cinnamon who was doggy skipping right along with us. Dee Dee drove all the way from La Costa to make the event and Liz had many great ideas for charities to raise monies for along with making our Skip time a really great party!

Inaugural Skip

I was dutifully pushing the edges of extreme skipping (as I am the group leader and must set a good example) when I attempted a highly technical 360 off a curb. I didn’t take into account the actual danger factor of doing this for the first time off a curb on the edge of a cliff 100 yards or more above the ocean. Luckily, I only slid partway down the hill.

The Skippers were grateful for my commitment to go to the edge (literally) for our sport .Don’t try this at home

I invite you to participate in the Cardiff Seaside Skippers 2nd Weekly Skip Wednesday April 25th at 8:05 AM. Location below.

The start line is in front of Starbucks at Seaside market. It is encouraged that you come early and caffeine load prior to the event. 2nd skip is at 8:05am sharp. We will skip (or skip and walk for the cardio challenged among us) from Starbucks to Swami’s and back.

This is our 2nd training event leading up to the Cardiff Skip-a-thon fundraiser benefit.

Come and see why Liz says,”Wow what a work out. I finally found my thing. I hated running, walking is just not enough cardio and I never make it to the gym. But Extreme Skipping is fun, great cardio, amazing leg and ab work out, and you make people smile as you skip on by.”

For those of you need to get a boost in your work out routine, Come skipping with us.

Its fun and easy.

For attire suggestions and attitude preparation please refer to the inspiration site my friend Jay Aaron’s

Be there or be square.